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Our projects start with a design and engineering stage, then they pass on to our shop for production. We have a state-of-the art shop utilizing CNC machines. We have highly trained electronics technicians, machinist and certified welders. The project then makes it to our quality assurance department and undergoes strict measurement and functionality tests. The project is completed with on-site installation if neccesary.

Check Weigher

Check Weigher
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Golf Cart Frame Welding Fixture
This is a welding fixture that holds the frame of a golf cart in place to be welded by a robot.

Pick and Place Machine This is a custom machine designed and built by us. This machine picks up lids from a hopper and places them on a can going by on a conveyor.


Sensor Install for a high speed bottling company.

This is a machine built for a heavy equipment company. This is used for manufacturing back hoes.

This is a welding fixture built for an outdoor power equipment company. This is used for manufacturing snow blowers.

This is a T-Slot saw built for a company that manufactures portable buildings.

Another view of the T-Slot saw above.

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