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Hamilton/ITS, Inc. Partners with its industrial customers to provide quick response, particularly to immediate and urgent needs. From analysis and design, to development, implementation, education, and maintenance, Hamilton/ITS is a one-stop solution for industrial automation. The ability to remain flexible and responsive to each customer's individual needs sets this company apart from its competitors, as well as the expertise of ITS staff in quick diagnosis and repair of many automation problems. Electronic controls and the retrofitting and upgrading of older analog automation equipment is a large part of ITS's current business. Our departments of R&D, Equipment Design/Manufacture, Sales/Distribution, Specialized Welding Fixtures, Vision Systems, and Total Systems Integration are committed to solving today's industrial automation problems.

Hamilton/ITS, Inc.
1416 Harris Industrial Blvd. 
Vidalia, GA 30474 

Toll Free: 1-877-206-5164
Telephone: 912-537-9476
Fax: 912-537-0079